Beautifullest Affair

Jigs didn’t sleep for long time, a very long time. As usual he went to star bucks in Central Bangkok. He ordered looking at the big displayed menu of the day, and sat down on a cozy couch. He picked up a Bangkok post newspaper and started to rummage through it. His hot latte was served with verities of brown and white sugar, with few neat recycled tissues. He added few white sugars to his hot latte and before he took a sip, a girl came-by and asked him politely; “excuse me mister! Do you mind if I sit next to you?” he glanced at her, and noticed those beautiful eyes of her. “May I?” she asked again. “Oh... I’m sorry, please be my Guest” he said with much excitement. 

They spoke of nothing and didn’t even realize to introduce one another. Her Hot Chocolate arrived at the table. She took a sip and enjoyed the taste rolling her tongue. Jigs was still going through the newspapers but his mind was dipped into the hot chocolate and thinking of starting a conversation. 

She fashionably took out her I-phone and started browsing few social networks and instigating the Angry Birds of red and blues. She smiled every time she made a way for the next level. And Jigs could notice all of it. 

Jigs started to think, he flowed into his emotional feelings and started to think that, maybe she is a call girl, maybe she is a rich girl, maybe she is a teacher or maybe she is married and has lots of gigs. Looking at her eyes, it tells a great deal of pride and how she could be in bed. Umm... Her legs are quite long and I guess her vagina would be perfectly proportionate. Would that Gucci bag be original? Her boobs are perfect with nipples almost bursting out. Jigs made a quick assumption of her; I think she could be sylwia, 26 years old and works for the Siam Commercial Bank.

She too started to think of him, and she thought to herself, he looks nice and kind, calm and responsible. He has good choice of color when it comes to ties and I like his sleeves. He must be either Korean or Japanese. Wow! Is he wearing Rolex and Armani cologne?  Never-mind I’m a girl and I’m definitely not starting this conversation.  Jigs smiled and said ‘I heard that’. ‘Opps.. Sorry, I didn’t mean to speak out loud’ and she apologized.

 Jigs gathered all his confidence and willing to put his embarrassment on stake, he asked her, ‘what is your Name?’ and she replied, Hi, I’m Sylwia. Where do you work? Well, I’m a receptionist at the Siam Commercial Bank. It was nice meeting with you Jigs, she said and then she left.  Thrilled with all his assumptions being right, he not only thought something was wrong with him but started to think of himself as an Einstein or astrologer. However, he was worried and as he walked out from the cafe. A waitress stopped him and asked for the bill payment. He paid her 100 Bhat and told her to; keep the change, but the girl hesitantly asked 30 more Bhat. He gave her 30 Bhats extra took the bill and went home. On his way to Rangsit, he pulled out a bill from his pocket and found out that he has ordered both Hot Latte and the Chocolate.

To be continued…….



 Monday --- LEG/ ABS
4-5 warm up sets of 10-12 reps
3 working sets of 10-12 reps
2 warm up sets of 15 reps
3 working sets of 12-15 reps
2 warm up sets of 15 reps
3 working sets of 12-15 reps
2 warm up sets of 15-20 reps
2 working sets of 15-20 reps
2 warm up sets of 15-20 reps
3 working sets of 20-30 reps

Tuesday --- Pectorals/Back
3 warm up sets of 6-10 reps
2 working sets of 6-10 rep
2 sets of 8-10 reps
1 warm up set of 8-10 reps
3 working sets of 8-10 reps
1 warm up set of 8-10 reps
3 working sets of 10-12 reps
1 warm up set of 10-12 reps
2 working sets of 10-12 reps
3 sets of 20 reps
3 sets of 18-20 reps

Wednesday --- Shoulders/ABS
2 warm up sets of 6-8 reps
3 working sets of 6-8 reps
1 warm up set of 12-15 reps
3 working sets of 12-15 reps
3 sets of 7 reps
7 sets of 12-15 reps

Thursday ------ Body Pump/CARDIO/
Dance, Free Weight, Swimming

Friday --- Biceps – Triceps/ABS
2 sets of 10-12 reps
3 sets of 10-12 reps
3 sets of 10-12 reps
3 sets of 10-12 reps
7 sets of 10-15 reps
2 warm up sets of 12-15 reps
3 working sets of 12-15 reps
2 warm up sets of 12-15 reps
3 working sets of 12-15 reps
3 sets of 15-20 reps

Saturday --- AGILITY

Sunday -------- REST

Whey Protein

Optimum Nutrition Creatine

Vitamin C


Queen of the Dragon Heart!

Oh citizens of the world, if I were to tell you about my Kings Palace, you will think of it as the castle of a humble man. The walls are of earth which we walk upon and roof of wooden planks. 

   The newly wedded queen lives in the palace, as she was chosen amongst us with the roses on dragon kings cheeks, as he uttered her name. 
   She wears the jewels of harmony with simplicity and Kira woven by free and equal women of the kingdom. 

She has bracelet in her arms and pearl drops in her ears; and a tattoo in her heart with the initials JKNW.
Her little touches are magical and jewels drop on people like a drizzle on a warm day. 
   She is youthful; like the early morning rays. 
   She is harmonious as in the tale of four friends.   
   She is pure like the pristine Himalayas. 

She was born to become a woman and a mother.
None of the people knew she would become a queen. 
But she was chosen by the fate to deserve someone as loving as Romeo. 
He was king by destiny and thus she became the queen. 
She was chosen amongst many, as she reminded the king, of the fine roses he would smile at. 

    Oh my World citizens, today the queen turns 22 and I call for yet another valentine’s day. As this is a love story of a simple girl; who loves puppies, chocolates and went on to become a queen. 
   In the words of William Shakespeare, ‘I’ve seen many roses but not like the one I saw on her cheeks’ when the King kissed her to make her the tunes to his heart beat. 

Thus, Thou my queen, Thy beauty is beauty and I describe it as beauty. 



Rupee Crisis Explanation FOR DUMMIES


PIC FROM wikipedia


PENJO – Central Bank of Bhutan (RMA)
RAM PRASAD SHARMA – State Bank of India (SBI)

Mr. Penjo had $ 200 million in his locker; he took it out and went to India to buy Rupees from Ram Prasad Sharma. So after selling his $200 million to Ram, he fetched 10 billion rupees ($ 198 million) you might think Mr. Penjo went to India with $200 million, where did $2 million go. Well it went into his transportation and lodging cost on the way to India. And the Rupees Penjo brought back home selling his dollars to Ram was used wisely by paying his bills and debts.

You might think, why Penjo needed the Rupees so much when he has Ngultrum. Well, Ram was his neighbor and he was good at making things that Penjo’s family liked.

Debts – Like everyone else, Mr. Penjo also had Debts. But unfortunately he had to pay his debts to Ram. What kind of Debt? – Well, Penjo brought a bulb to light his house from India and Ram paid for it. So Penjo gave back the rupees that he brought selling his dollars to Ram. This means he is broke now. So he again asked Ram- “Please can I borrow from you again, my kids are hungry at home and they won’t be able to go to school,” but because Ram is rich and kind, he agreed to lend some money again. Ram roughly gave Mr. Penjo ($79 million) 4 billion Ngultrum. So, Mr. Penjo came back home and he was so scared of borrowing from Ram, because ram said “If you borrow more, I’ll give you, but make sure to pay me an interest of 8%”.

Hence, Mr. Penjo doesn’t want to spend more or want his money to go back to India. So he has safely locked it in his safe and keeping it away for a while from his KIDS and FAMILY, who likes to buy almost everything from India including that of pirated movies and fake watches. But Ram is smart enough to supply almost everything that Mr. Penjo’s family needs.

So the MONEY in Mr. Penjo’s safe with a big lock that his family can’t reach is a state called as ‘freezing’ and his family’s desire to have few share from the safe to buy some food, oil, butter, salt, movies and travel is called – ‘Needs’ and Ram’s policy in lending more is called – ‘The economic strength.’ And Penjo not being able to sleep at night is called –‘depression’ and his family still wanting what they can’t is called – ‘recession.’ Thus, leading to conflict between Penjo and his wife to - ‘Crisis.’


General with the Dragon Tattoo

General with the Dragon Tattoo

Pic from celebrating coronation of 5th King
Many accounts have circulated concerning the death of renowned General – Chapta Namgyal Bahadur and his two loyal soldiers in the so called – capital Punishment. They were convicted of treason against the country. The penalty for this crime was death. These men had to be dealt with strongly, because they could not be allowed to set a bad example for others. Although the people sided with the convicted young men, the King’s Court of Justice sentenced them to be shot until death. True story is interesting but tragic one.

The Court case circulating Kasho – the compulsory need for the people to witness the punishment at Changlimithang – The Bhutanese earth hailed as “Vision of beauty,” and a great deal of public interest were drawn and the three men became famous.  However, what we didn’t know until now is that, He too had a Love story! Someone whom the General couldn’t take off his eyes from, someone to whom he stammered while speaking, someone who made his blood run cold and made his body numb. His love…

Chapta suffered an ankle injury in October of 1949. On the 15th day of that fateful month, he was relaxing nearby valley of URA, on his way to Lhuntse.  All his fellow soldiers snoozed into sound sleep. He was awake and in pain. He woke up and slowly limped down the Chamkhar Chu, flowing swiftly yet silently. Before he could drink greedily, He saw a girl in her early twenties who stood tall, fair, and charming with pair of brownish eyelid. She wore a Bumthang Mathra - made from authentic wool and wore a pair of newly woven thsoglam – with colorful embroideries. 

She smiled uneasily and filled her bronze casted bowl. He gazed into the sky, and reacted with pleasure and astonishment at the lovely milky-ways. It not only assembled his confidence to make her stay longer, unspoken and untouched, but he gathered his courage. And sang in fine lyrics:-

 “I’m a Virgin Leader, I’m a strong Leader, I’m a general of 400 men, and I lift the sword with audacity and kill with dignity. But I don’t know what it is: I’m finding it firm to claim myself a Virgin Leader, Strong Leader, and  guardian of 400 men, I’m finding it hard to raise my body with courage and speak with bravery. Is it the Beauty of the milky-ways upon the sky or the Beauty in front of my eyes?”

She slowly raised herself from the earth, stopped filling her bowl, looked into his eyes and replied,

“Oh... My Great Gesar, your voice is smoother than the flowing river; your eye beholds the pain of killing, words you uttered are strong like your sword, it not only kills the wicked but a lonely heart, I don’t know, is it the General intimidating the lonely heart or plotting a capture of emotions. ”

He broke into fine laugh and replied:-

“My men claims to have seen angles, my men claims to have seen beauty, they describe while sharpening their sword, they say, beauty is sharper than sword and penetrates the heart until it bleeds to death. But I say, nights are in celebration, and flowers plug the heart when you encounter beauty, if you were the enemy behind lines, I would rather kill myself, and rejoice your freedom.”

Their love story evolved with coincidence and went on with romantic chemistry. He always stopped by her house at Ura, spent time with her family. It became part of his routine. Until the day, when he was returning to the Courtyards of great fortress of Tashichoedzong, he would have never imagined that it would be the last time he will be seeing her. He was claimed to be threat to the Kingdom and was captured in 1950’s. The cause of his capture and capital punishment is still unknown and it has been reveled perceptively.

He was tied with infringed knots, beaten and soldiers line-up in expressive style shot. The bullets couldn't make the General budge an inch. But it is said that, one of his loyal sergeant appeared furtively and asked him about his last wishes. Chapta in much tenderness, said, “Please tell her how much I loved her and no doubt I’ll be missing her” The sergeant took the note of the lines and shot him through the forehead.

General Chapta is said to have a mysterious tattoo of Dragon on his back, it was neither painted nor crafted. It appeared to be like his birth-mark. No one knew what it signifies, some say, he is a saint; some claim he is an evil. However, the sergeant went to Ura Valley to find the girl to pass on the condolences and Chapta’s wishes. But, it is said that, the girl Chapta met that very night along the chamkhar chu, is said to have died with her whole family in a house-fire 40 years before Chapta was born. And he was romancing the death for past 14 years until his historic execution.

All the Names, Places and Dates are fictitious and it intends no resemblance to historic facts.

Genji Society with Innocent Crows

Even the most notorious group of boys on the blocks of Swiss bakery pavement in early 1990’s derived their group-name from the very symbolic “Taktsang.” It not only meant they were a group of guys with collection of multi-talented singers, guitarist, writers and sportsmen. But an active mixture of all ingredients that possibly promoted leather-pants, GNR, Pink Floyd, guitars, Skull, tobacco, LSD, Cassettes, walkman and the notion of taking a girl on walk around “chorten” in torn jeans. It was a Philosophy encapsulated with choice and attitude.

Like I always argued, Television sets were rarity in 1990’s; it was so rare that they became a chic device sitting on a table rather importantly than the guests parked in the sitting-room. And unquestionably they sat there with no arteries and veins connecting them to the outside world, a Cable TV. Hence, the boy groups or the will in which they characterized themselves with coolness as “gang” turned out to be metaphorically the best damn marketing officers, social activist and realist. They are worthy of those comparison because they promoted the ideas of passion, freedom, justice, equality, friendship, fashion, sex, music, coffee to that of writing a love letter through the lyrics of songs to the tunes of guitars. In short the principles of Democracy.

Did you know how hard it was for the girls to wear a make-up? It is said that, Lip-sticks first went on to the streets when an infamous- high on marijuana, half necked and scruffy hair guy, painted red ink on the lips of his girlfriend. And he did so looking at the magazines that has been circulating amongst friends for years, with pictures of Michelle pfeifferr and Karishma Kapoor jostling with Lux Soap. It was not just the discovery of keys to break isolation, but an invention of self-autonomy. From the bottle of ink on her lips carrying a message that appearance can be upgraded. The Druk Shopping complex, and the only shopping mall with varieties of leather jacket for wannabe rockers, cameo-flag uniform for aspiring soldiers, Hats for supposed businessmen, boroline for mothers and something new for the daughters -Lipsticks, became the growing drift for seduction misunderstood with innocence.

And with the commission of cable-television, in 1999, billboards advertising Pepsi have penetrated deep into the villages where drinking water is in short supply. We have gone from the land of peace, tranquil and harmony to the land of violence and brutality. Out of many other laudable newspapers, Kuensel, which currently sells 15,000 + copies on Saturday and 12,000 + copies on Wednesday, has an estimate readership of 130,000+ in a country of 70000+ population, out of which 60% + people are illiterate. Surprisingly, informing us the ‘Headlines’ of killing and stabbing! It is the biggest concern that every-one of us should think about. It can be reported; that the Boys in group are no longer the promoter of any kind of positive trend. But a thread who copies style from movies and dot com and then puts into use. Places are becoming unsafe for families and singles. Just a look as you pass-by and you will have your eyes poked with rods that withhold the building for hundreds of years.

Weapons, stabbing and killing are becoming stair –way to fame amongst youth. And what are our Police doing? – They are indeed the ones who maintain peace and stability in society. But, their idea of involving youth as part of Police program – in so called; Youth-police partnership, by a deemed worthy chief of police, is a suicidal move. And not to a surprise making a leader of a “MB boyz” sign a memorandum of understanding indeed paved a way for a birth of “Gangster and Publicity”. We are not in the state of involving our youths in such social works and making headlines in signing any form of paper. It is not just a desperate move but a failed ideology.

GNH is becoming infamous amongst youths because it talks about collective happiness and wellbeing. It is becoming infamous because happiness of our youth seems to lie on the tips of their dragger.

Rome wasn't build in a day, but Genji's are being built in few hours to the completion of movies. whom to blame. TV or the System? I don't know.. I enjoy TV more than Policies.
“To be continued, until next killing!”


If only we knew how hard it is to be a king.
He turned 32, still strong and young.
Citizens began to change, right before his eyes. And now they seem to excel.
... As he believes in excellence.

He leads the troops with yellow baldric, a color of compassion and wisdom...

They don't need weapons, as his smile kills the rest.
The kids that seem most lonely enjoy the company of his,
And those that stand alone, they now fence their land. As he never stops giving.
He drinks from the poisoned cup. Yet, his sweet blood dilutes the evil.
People from all walks now see a chance to shine.
As he spoke from heart with roses on his checks, to utter her name.
As the lady he chose was amongst us.

I’ve watched him become a king, brother and husband.
And every steps he took were so heavily crafted, if it was a lyrics.

Even the sparrows would cry with joy while singing.

He is the king. A King. My King. Our King.
West my find us slow as we utter the kingship with respect.
But we are rest from west, who belives in miracles.
A miracle in which a Kidu from him is equal to blessings from above.
He is 32 and dreams higher for his countrymen than 23 can jump.

I write this broken words for my percet king. As he has the strength to make it look as good as what Tolystoy wrote, "All, everything that I understand, I understand only because I love.

King Jigme Khesar Namgyal Wangchuck. Picture via

Copyright@ugyenrangdol 2012