Beautifullest Affair

Jigs didn’t sleep for long time, a very long time. As usual he went to star bucks in Central Bangkok. He ordered looking at the big displayed menu of the day, and sat down on a cozy couch. He picked up a Bangkok post newspaper and started to rummage through it. His hot latte was served with verities of brown and white sugar, with few neat recycled tissues. He added few white sugars to his hot latte and before he took a sip, a girl came-by and asked him politely; “excuse me mister! Do you mind if I sit next to you?” he glanced at her, and noticed those beautiful eyes of her. “May I?” she asked again. “Oh... I’m sorry, please be my Guest” he said with much excitement. 

They spoke of nothing and didn’t even realize to introduce one another. Her Hot Chocolate arrived at the table. She took a sip and enjoyed the taste rolling her tongue. Jigs was still going through the newspapers but his mind was dipped into the hot chocolate and thinking of starting a conversation. 

She fashionably took out her I-phone and started browsing few social networks and instigating the Angry Birds of red and blues. She smiled every time she made a way for the next level. And Jigs could notice all of it. 

Jigs started to think, he flowed into his emotional feelings and started to think that, maybe she is a call girl, maybe she is a rich girl, maybe she is a teacher or maybe she is married and has lots of gigs. Looking at her eyes, it tells a great deal of pride and how she could be in bed. Umm... Her legs are quite long and I guess her vagina would be perfectly proportionate. Would that Gucci bag be original? Her boobs are perfect with nipples almost bursting out. Jigs made a quick assumption of her; I think she could be sylwia, 26 years old and works for the Siam Commercial Bank.

She too started to think of him, and she thought to herself, he looks nice and kind, calm and responsible. He has good choice of color when it comes to ties and I like his sleeves. He must be either Korean or Japanese. Wow! Is he wearing Rolex and Armani cologne?  Never-mind I’m a girl and I’m definitely not starting this conversation.  Jigs smiled and said ‘I heard that’. ‘Opps.. Sorry, I didn’t mean to speak out loud’ and she apologized.

 Jigs gathered all his confidence and willing to put his embarrassment on stake, he asked her, ‘what is your Name?’ and she replied, Hi, I’m Sylwia. Where do you work? Well, I’m a receptionist at the Siam Commercial Bank. It was nice meeting with you Jigs, she said and then she left.  Thrilled with all his assumptions being right, he not only thought something was wrong with him but started to think of himself as an Einstein or astrologer. However, he was worried and as he walked out from the cafe. A waitress stopped him and asked for the bill payment. He paid her 100 Bhat and told her to; keep the change, but the girl hesitantly asked 30 more Bhat. He gave her 30 Bhats extra took the bill and went home. On his way to Rangsit, he pulled out a bill from his pocket and found out that he has ordered both Hot Latte and the Chocolate.

To be continued…….

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